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The Premise:

The planet Bajor have been occupied by the Cardassians in over 60 years, but has now become free. But before the Cardassians left Bajor they ruined big parts of the planet. The Bajoran provisional government asks the Federation for help and Commander Sisko becomes the commanding officer on the ex Cardassians spacestation Deep Space Nine (former Terok Nor) which are in orbit around Bajor. Under the pilot episode Sisko and his crew finds a stable wormhole in the Bajoran solar system. (The first stable wormhole in Federation history.) This wormhole leads to the Gamma quadrant a part of the galaxy that it will take 60 years to reach at warp 9. They succeed to move the station to the opening of the wormhole. The TV show is about Sisko and his crew and about their work to protect the wormhole and Bajor from the Cardassian Union and those dangers that comes from the Gamma Quadrant, but they shall also explore the wormhole and the Gamma Quadrant. After a couple of years it shows that in the Gamma Quadrant exists a force called the Dominion, led by Odo's people the Founders. The crew gets a new mission to defend the Alpha Quadrant from the Dominion and their footsoldiers, the Jem'Hadar.

Main Characters:

Avery Brooks Captain Benjamin Sisko

Nana Visitor Major Kira Nerys, First Officer

Michael Dorn Lieutenant Commander Worf, Chief over Special Operations

Rene Auberjonois Constable Odo, Head of Security

Terry Farrel Lieutenant Commander Jadzia Dax, Science Officer

Alexander Siddig Dr Julian Bashir, Chief Medical Officer

Colm Meaney Chief Miles O'Brien, Chief Engineer

Armin Shimerman Quark, bar owner etc

Cirrioc Lofton Jake Sisko, Ben Sisko's son

Recurring characters:

Andrew Robinson Elim Garak (Cardassian Tailor or... ;)

Marc Alaimo Gul Dukat (Terok Nor's (DS9's) former commander)

Rosalind Chao Keiko O'Brien (Chief O'Briens wife and the stations school teacher)

Louise Fletcher Kai Winn (Bajor's religious leader )

Philip Anglim Vedek Bareil (Bajoran priest and Kira's boyfriend)

Max Grodenchik Rom (Quark's brother)

Aron Eisenberg Nog (Rom's son and Jake's friend)


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